Natural Hazards

The challenge is to improve forecasting of a range of natural hazards with both local and global implications

Natural hazards, such as extreme weather, snow avalanches and earthquakes, pose a threat to populations and infrastructure around the world but also in the Arctic. The ice masses of the Arctic present several types of hazards, for example as a primary source of global sea level rise through mass loss and as producers of icebergs presenting a hazard to ships. The likelihoods of several natural hazards are likely to increase with the expected changes in the climatic conditions in the Arctic.  

Work in INTAROS is addressing among other hazards, extreme precipitation forecasts in order to improve avalanche forecast models; improvements of the calculation of sea level rise due to ice loss in the Greenland ice sheet and Svalbard glaciers; methods to separate solid iceberg production from the total marine mass loss of selected glaciers and seafloor monitoring for earthquake detection.

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