Management Structure

INTAROS is set up for efficient management of the project and to ensure good communication between all parties

INTAROS management structure.
Executive body in grey, decision-making bodies in pink, and advisory panels in green.



Project Coordination

The coordinator Stein Sandven and deputy coordinator Hanne Sagan have responsibility of overall scientific coordination of the project and function as liaison with the European Commission on behalf of the consortium. The EB is supported by the Project Management Team (PM-team) and the WP leaders, to monitor progress of activities.

The Executive board (EB) is the supervisory body for the execution of the project; it reports to and is accountable to the General Assembly (GA). The EB recommends an action plan to the GA and is responsible for its execution. The EB is made up of six people.

Person Institution  Role
Stein Sandven NERSC Coordinator
Hanne Sagan NERSC Deputy Coordinator
Agnieszka B. Möller   IOPAN  
Roberta Pirazzini FMI  
Finn Danielsen NORDECO        
Ralf Doescher SMHI  

Project management is led by the Coordinator and carried out by the PM-team. This team includes a  Project Manager (PM) - Kjetil Lygre, press contact - Lasse H. Pettersson, and financial/administrative personnel - Knut Holba and Anders Nesse. The PM-team is in charge of the day-to-day management of the project, monitoring the progress of the project, and submission of deliverables to the Commission.



General assembly (GA): The highest decision-making body is the General Assembly (GA). The GA is responsible for taking key decisions for the project as a whole. It is comprised of one representative of each consortium partner, and chaired by the Coordinator.

The Steering Committee (SC) makes proposals to the Executive Board on the project work plan, innovation-related issues, and on matters necessary for project advancement and success, the project progress reports and in general proposals for the proper implementation of the project. It is comprised of all work package leaders and theme leaders.

A leader and a co-leader are appointed to coordinate each of the work packages (WP).  

Workpackage Lead  Institution   Co-Lead Institution
1: Requirements and strategy for a Pan-Arctic system   Stein Sandven NERSC Erik Buch EuroGOOS
2: Exploitation of existing observing systems Roberta Pirazzini FMI David Gustafsson   SMHI
3: Enhancement of multi-disciplinary in situ systems Agnieszka B. Möller   IOPAN Peter Voss GEUS
4: Community-based observing programs Finn Danielsen NORDECO  Lisbeth Iversen NERSC
5: Data integration and management Pedro Goncalves TERRADUE  Torill Hamre NERSC
6: Application of iAOS towards stakeholders Geir Ottersen IMR Mikael Sejr AU
7: Dissemination and outreach Donatella Zona USFD Ruth Higgins EurOcean
8: Project management Stein Sandven NERSC Hanne Sagen NERSC


External Advisory Board

This panel includes representatives of selected key stakeholder groups and experts who will support INTAROS throughout its duration.

Some members of the External Advisory Board were involved in the development of the Engagement Strategy, and they continue to support the project to efficiently engage with stakeholders, attract more users, identify ways to improve usage of data and information from society to science and vice-versa. The panel will also be invited to contribute to the development of the roadmap for the future sustainable Arctic Observing System.

Other members of the External Advisory Board contribute to the scientific evaluation of the project and facilitate links to other programmes, and advise on the project’s scientific approach and orientation by liaison with the project Steering Committee. It is comprised of selected key international experts with relevant technical and scientific backgrounds. 

The 1st INTAROS stakeholder workshop took place in Brussels on May 5th 2017. 

External Advisory Board:

Person Institution
Lars Otto Reiersen University of Tromsø, Norway
Marianne Kroglund Chair, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Claire Gourcuff Euro-Argo ERIC, France
Margareta Johanson        INTERACT, Lund University, Sweden
Yubao Qiu RADI, Chinese Academy of Science 
Peter Pulsifer University of Colorado, USA
Georgios Haralabus Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
Nicholas Chotrios Office of Naval Research – Global, USA