EGU Special Session II - Trans-disciplinary aspects of researching Arctic change

The second INTAROS Special Session at EGU 2020 will take place on Friday 8th May.


ITS5.9/EOS4.14 - Trans-disciplinary aspects of researching Arctic change: science communication, outreach and education, integration, monitoring, modelling and risk perception, Convener: Peter Schweitzer | Co-conveners: Susanna Gartler, Annett Bartsch, Terenzio Zenone (INTAROS), Frederic Bouchard, Stein Sandven (INTAROS), Donatella Zona (INTAROS), Ylva Sjöberg.
Chat Fri 8 May 8H30-10H15.


As for INTAROS Special Session I, the conference will be an online event, Sharing Geosciences Online, and anyone can join. Many of the authors contributing to the session will be online, available for live chat about their research.


This session will have 25 contributions, half of them with INTAROS participation. Here is a full list, all of which can be accessed online:


Displays | Chat Fri, 08 May, 08:30–10:15


Trans-disciplinary aspects of researching Arctic change: science communication, outreach and eductation, integration, monitoring, modelling and risk perception
Co-organized by CL4/CR4/GM7/HS12/NH9
Convener: Peter Schweitzer | Co-conveners: Susanna Gartler, Annett Bartsch, Terenzio zenone, Frederic Bouchard, Stein Sandven, Donatella Zona, Ylva Sjöberg
Displays | Chat Fri, 08 May, 08:30–10:15


D2196 | EGU2020-12610
Developing a collaborative permafrost research program: The Dempster - Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway research corridor, Northwest Territories, Canada not presented
Ashley Rudy, Steve Kokelj, Alice Wilson, Tim Ensom, Peter Morse, and Charles Klengenberg

D2197 | EGU2020-1840 | Highlight
Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use: Tracing Past and Current Landscape Conditions and Effects of Environmental Change in Sakha/Yakutia, Russia
Mathias Ulrich and J. Otto Habeck

D2198 | EGU2020-1184 | Highlight
Spatiotemporal influence of permafrost thaw on anthrax diffusion
Elisa Stella, Lorenzo Mari, Carlo Barbante, Jacopo Gabrieli, and Enrico Bertuzzo

D2199 | EGU2020-21723
Some recent efforts for the education in the Russian Arctic: the examples from institutes to individuals
Anastasiia Tarasenko, Alexandra Mushta, Arina Kosareva, Veleta Yarygina, and Daria Frolova

D2200 | EGU2020-7154
The Sea Ice Tracking System (SITU): A Community Tool for the Arctic and Antarctic
Bruno Tremblay, Stephanie Pfirman, Garrett Campbell, Robert Newton, and Walt Meier

D2201 | EGU2020-12661 | Highlight
Voices of the Sea Ice: engaging an Arctic community to communicate impacts of climate change
David Lipson, Kim Reasor, and Kååre Sikuaq Erickson

D2202 | EGU2020-12248 | Highlight
Community-based observations help interface Indigenous and local knowledge, scientific research, and education in response to rapid Arctic coastal change
Hajo Eicken, Finn Danielsen, Matthew Druckenmiller, Maryann Fidel, Donna Hauser, Lisbeth Iversen, Noor Johnson, Joshua Jones, Mette Kaufman, Olivia Lee, Peter Pulsifer, and Josephine-Mary Sam

D2203 | EGU2020-11935
Strengthening connections across disciplines and borders through an international permafrost coastal systems network (PerCS-Net)
Benjamin Jones and the Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net)

D2204 | EGU2020-8978
Large-scale Mapping of Arctic Coastal Infrastructure using Copernicus Sentinel Data and Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods
Georg Pointner, Annett Bartsch, and Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen

D2205 | EGU2020-11919
Mapping lake drainage and drained lake basins around Point Lay, Alaska using multi-source remote sensing data
Helena Bergstedt, Benjamin Jones, Donald Walker, Louise Farquharson, Amy Breen, and Kenneth Hinkel

D2206 | EGU2020-6824 | Highlight
Negative changes in permafrost due to waste storage
Valery Grebenets, Fedor Iurov, and Vasily Tolmanov

D2207 | EGU2020-6695
Bearing capacity of frozen soils for foundations of objects in the North of Western Siberia
Fedor Iurov and Valery Grebenets

D2208 | EGU2020-10350 | Highlight
Assessment of Dangerous Permafrost Processes in Urban Settlements of the Russian Arctic not presented
Dmitry Streletskiy, Valery Grebenets, and Nadezhda Zamyatina

D2209 | EGU2020-13995
Impacts of infrastructure and climate changes on reindeer herding in the Yamal, west Siberia.
Timo Kumpula, Roza Laptander, and Bruce C. Forbes

D2210 | EGU2020-2458
Svalbard's Arctic Settlements: From Mining Sites to Urbanized Environments
Dan Baciu and Anna Abramova

D2211 | EGU2020-22647
Memories of Mining: First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Elders’ perspectives
Susanna Gartler and Gertrude Saxinger

D2212 | EGU2020-9648
What Framework Promotes Saliency of Climate Change Issues on Online Public Agenda: A Quantitative Study of Online Knowledge Community Quora
Wen Shi

D2213 | EGU2020-2016 | Highlight
Calls to Action: Climate Change and Indigenous Food Sovereignty in Arctic
Ranjan Datta

D2214 | EGU2020-18853 | Highlight
INTAROS teaching and outreach materials: how a multidisciplinary project creates opportunities for teachers and the general public.
Ruth Higgins, Thomas Juul-Pedersen, Agata Goździk, Walter Oechl, Donatella Zona, Kjetil Lygre, and Stein Sandven

D2215 | EGU2020-4936
Resources for teachers on the “Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate”
Eric Guilyardi, Lydie Lescarmontier, Robin Matthews, Nathalie Morata, Mariana Rocha, Jenny Schlüpmann, Mathilde Tricoire, and David Wilgenbus

D2216 | EGU2020-12600
Arctic ice in cross-disciplinary undergraduate education: Experiences across natural science, social science, international policy, and public writing
Michelle Koutnik, Nadine Fabbi, Elizabeth Wessells, Ellen Ahlness, Max Showalter, Dan Mandeville, Jason Young, and Hans Christian Steen-Larsen

D2217 | EGU2020-17963
Outreach and disseminations activities in North Slope of Alaska: how to build trust between local communities and arctic researchers
Kaare Sikuaq Erickson, Donatella Zona, Marco Montemayor, Walter Oechel, and Terenzio Zenone

D2218 | EGU2020-591
Community Engagement in Permafrost Research at the Western Arctic Research Centre, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
Erika Hille, Joel McAlister, Alice Wilson, and Steve Kokelj

D2219 | EGU2020-11764
CrowdMag for personal interaction with Arctic magnetic variation
Rick Saltus and Manoj Nair.


06 May 2020