INTAROS in Bioscience


This month, the scientific journal Bioscience features five articles linked with INTAROS. These articles showcase the efforts towards Community-Based Monitoring and Citizen Science in the Arctic.


Hajo Eicken, Finn Danielsen, Josephine-Mary Sam, Maryann Fidel, Noor Johnson, Michael K Poulsen, Olivia A Lee, Katie V Spellman, Lisbeth Iversen, Peter Pulsifer, Martin Enghoff, Connecting Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches in Environmental Observing, BioScience, 2021;, biab018,



Finn Danielsen, Martin Enghoff, Michael K Poulsen, Mikkel Funder, Per M Jensen, Neil D Burgess, The Concept, Practice, Application, and Results of Locally Based Monitoring of the Environment, BioScience, 2021;, biab021,



Maria Tengö, Beau J Austin, Finn Danielsen, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Creating Synergies between Citizen Science and Indigenous and Local Knowledge, BioScience, 2021;, biab023,



Rick Bonney, Expanding the Impact of Citizen Science, BioScience, 2021;, biab041,



Noor Johnson, Matthew L Druckenmiller, Finn Danielsen, Peter L Pulsifer, The Use of Digital Platforms for Community-Based Monitoring, BioScience, 2021; biaa162,

30 April 2021