INTAROS to lead a session at iLEAPS Science Conference


INTAROS partners will host session D1 on "Methane from wetlands, lakes and thawing permafrost", during the upcoming 5th iLEAPS Science Conference to be held in Oxford, UK, in September


Since 2007, the atmospheric concentration of methane has shown significant year-on-year increases. At the same time, the isotopic composition of atmospheric methane (13CH4 vs 12CH4) has become progressively lighter, indicative of an increase in emissions from biogenic methane sources such as wetlands. Wetlands are one of the largest, but least well quantified, sources of methane, with estimated mean annual emissions of 167 (127-202) Tg yr-1, compared to total annual emissions of 558 Tg yr-1 [Global Carbon Project Methane Budget for 2003-2012]. Wetland methane emissions show significant interannual variability and are likely to respond strongly to a changing climate.


The wetland model intercomparison has highlighted the challenges of wetland modelling. Recent studies have reported significant cold season methane fluxes at Arctic Alaskan sites and new pathways to the atmosphere in tropical wetlands. This session welcomes contributions on wetland methane research encompassing measurements, process studies and modelling on all spatial scales from site to global. We take a broad definition of wetlands to include freshwater lakes and melting permafrost.


We are hoping for a wide range of presentations and talks on this topic from all levels of speakers from students to the well-established researchers.


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10 June 2017