Terrestrial research presented at iLEAPS conference


INTAROS was in the spotlight at the iLEAPS meeting in Oxford (UK, 11-14 Sept 2017), where several INTAROS partners including students and senior scientists from the University of Sheffield, UK, Max Plank Jena, Germany and the University of Helsinki, Finland presented their work. Martijin Pallandt (University of Sheffield)  highlighted the work   on assessing the pan-Arctic network of terrestrial greenhouse gas measurement sites.  Kyle Arndt (University of Sheffield) discussed the importance of cold season greenhouse gas emissions. Haana Lappalainen (University of Helsinki) presented on  finding solutions to environmental challenges relevant to the Arctic-Boreal regions.  Donatella Zona (University of Sheffield) convened a session during the conference. 


Hundreds of scientists from North and South America, Africa, Asia, Russia and Europe, presented their scientific results during the meeting and it was a great opportunity for the INTAROS scientists to network and exchange ideas and highlight the activities of the project.


The iLEAPS is a Global Research Coordination Project, and coordinates world-wide scientific research projects in the field of ecosystem-atmosphere exchanges and on the impact of those exchanges on key societal issues. iLEAPS brings together the modelling community with satellite, experimental and field observational experts, and it is supported by the Global Carbon Project, a project trying to refine our knowledge of the global carbon balance.

14 September 2017