AGU Special Session: Assessment, Enhancement and Integration of Arctic Observing Systems


INTAROS is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a special session during the AGU Fall Meeting 2018. The session, entitled "Assessment, Enhancement and Integration of Arctic Observing Systems." Many efforts have been initiated to build components of an Arctic Observing System, addressing specific thematic areas or regions. We invite contributions on the development, exploitation, enhancement and integration of these various components, as well as on their assessment and gap analysis with respect to requirements dictated by the societal needs.


The Arctic is undergoing the most rapid changes in the climate system worldwide. These changes are closely connected to the warming of the atmosphere and ocean due to increased greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere. This will have wide implications for the Arctic and on the global scale, and knowledge-based planning of the future is required to support international assessments of global challenges such as climate change, scarcity of natural resources, and global-scale hazards. To meet these challenges, it is of paramount importance to establish an efficient, sustainable, and integrated Arctic Observing System.


Our session will be in the eLightning format. eLightning sessions will be held in a dedicated area in the convention center with touchscreen monitors, hard-line internet, dedicated power, and dedicated technical assistance personnel. The session format at the meeting will consist of two parts. The first part will be 3-minute lightning presentation for each presenter followed by group discussion or general Q&A. The second part will be time for individual presenters to hold more in-depth discussions with attendees at their assigned touchscreen monitor.

Check out the Fall Meeting website and view the links below to see more information on this session format and presentation style:

2017 Fall Meeting eLightning Virtual Library 
Example eLightning Presentation

For the first time, the AGU Fall Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., where we will mark the launch AGU’s Centennial.  A wide variety of events are being planned that will take advantage of this special location that will showcase our science to the U.S. and international policy community, students, and public); leverage the local scientific community, including events with the Smithsonian, National Academies, and others; and, offer field trips to view the local geology and research institutes. The Fall Meeting will also offer more workshops as well as new Tutorial sessions to help students and researchers learn about new approaches and techniques and introduce exciting science in other disciplines.

Additional information is available here.  

Please consider attending to help show “What Science Stands For” and to join in an exciting and informative start to AGU’s Centennial Meeting.

03 July 2018