Stakeholders meet to discuss Arctic observational requirements


Stakeholder agree that identifying the Essential Arctic Variables and improving data exchange are key aspects towards implementing a sustainable Arctic Observing System


Almost 30 external stakeholders and project participants took part in the 1st INTAROS stakeholder workshop, hosted by INTAROS partner EuroGOOS in Brussels on May 5th.  The objective of the workshop was to review and update the requirements for observational data in the Arctic in the range of thematic areas being addressed by the project. Furthermore, the workshop looked at options around the development and operation of long-term observing systems. The outputs from the workshop will form part of the contribution to the development of the Initial Requirements report, currently under development.


In summary the high level conclusions from the workshop were:

  • Although there are significant regular satellite observations in polar areas, not all areas are covered and there are significant gaps in the in-situ observation systems;
  • Limitation of data exchange need to be addressed as there are a series of issues in relation to political, technical and cultural concerns;
  • One challenge is to design multi-purpose and multi-platform systems in order to increase flexibility of use in the Arctic;
  • The sustainability of any observing system is fundamental and practical ways of ensuring this need to be found.
  • It is important to listen to local communities living in the Arctic. They have a wealth of knowledge and are well positioned to provide relevant contributions to observing systems.
  • It is important to identify the Essential Arctic Variables, as not everything can be measured. It is also important to identify those which have an impact in terms of products and services.

There will be a series of follow-up workshops organised by INTAROS addressing specific stakeholder groups for operational services such as weather and ice forecasting, fisheries, shipping, oil and gas, tourism and climate research. All these stakeholder groups need more observational data from the Arctic.

10 May 2017