INTAROS at vEGU 2021


The European Geophysical Union Annual Meeting is on the horizon, and in 2021, as in 2020, it will be a virtual event.


INTAROS co-convenes a special session during the 2021 meeting:

Effective communication of scientific & place-based knowledge of Arctic change: understanding interactions between indigenous & local knowledge, and natural & social science perspectives
Co-organized by CL3.2/CR8
Convener: Susanna GartlerECS | Co-conveners: Annett Bartsch, Peter Schweitzer, Donatella Zona.


Float Your Boat - Norway. School students, small wooden boats and marine research in the Arctic 
Kjetil Lygre, Bjørnar Hallaråker Røsvik, Espen Storheim, David Forcucci, Ignatius Rigor, Helene R. Langehaug, Hanne Sagen, and Lasse H. Pettersson.


INTAROS also participates in:

Sea Ice and Snow Processes in the Central Arctic Ocean: Advancing Understanding using Results from the MOSAiC Expedition
Convener: Madison Smith | Co-conveners: Melinda Webster, Martin Schneebeli

“Drone-based sea ice albedo measurements and photogrammetry during the Arctic freeze-up in the MOSAiC expedition” by Roberta Pirazzini et al. 


Remote sensing of seasonal snow
Co-organized by CR2
Convener: Rafael Pimente | Co-conveners: Claudia Notarnicola, Alexander Kokhanovsky

“Ground-based observations of snow spectral albedo with an autonomous device” by Henna-Reetta Hannula et al.


For further information on the event, check out the description here.


21 January 2021