UN Ocean Decade - "A Predicted Ocean"


INTAROS was delighted to be part of the UN Ocean Decade, "A Predicted Ocean", which took place on September 17th, 2021.


The Ocean Decade Laboratories supported the Ocean Decade core event by bringing together a broad representation of the ocean community to discuss and dissect common priorities. The goal was to address the need for more closely integrated observations and modelling, relevant collaborations around the world and connections to stakeholders and user communities. Laboratory highlighted existing gaps and potential solutions for ocean prediction, innovatively marking a collaborative way forward to establishing a systematic, interdisciplinary ocean prediction, and information systems to benefit society.



INTAROS contributed to a satellite event "Ocean predictions and observations in response to the climate emergency", organised in collaboration with BLUE ACTION, TRIATLAS and GHRSST projects. The session aimed to showcase the link between ocean observations, climate models and climate services. Highlighting their importance for decision-making. 


Target audience: Stakeholders from across the world, particularly from industry, policy, NGOs and science.



  • Prof. Noel Keenlyside, University Bergen/Nansen Environmental Research Center/ TRIATLAS, Blue-Action
  • Dr. Anne O’Carroll, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites EUMETSAT /GHRSST
  • Dr. Marilena Oltmanns, National Oceanography Centre /Blue-Action
  • Dr. Pablo Ortega, Barcelona Supercomputing Center /INTAROS
  • Dr. Mark Payne, Danish Meteorological institute /Blue-Action
  • Dr. Barbara Berx, Marine Scotland Science/ Blue-Action
  • Moderator: Dr. Martin Coath, Danish Meteorological Institute/Blue-Action


In case you missed the event, the presentations are available for review via Zenodo. Any questions or comments can be sent to intaros.project@gmail.com


Did you miss "A Predicted Ocean"? Please click here to re-watch the entire Core Event and the Wrap-up.


18 September 2021