21st Danish Marine Researcher Meeting


The 21st Danish Marine Researcher Meeting will take place in Aalborg University, Denmark, in January 2021. Like previous marine scientist meetings, the event will be divided into a number of thematic sessions. The special sessions begin with one or more keynote lectures. All sessions are scheduled and managed by a moderator. There will be poster sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. The gala dinner will be held on Thursday.


Session 1 - Marine Planning and Marine Management
Session 2 - Water Framework Directive, Marine Framework Directive and Marine Water Plans
Session 3 - Fish and fishing
Session 4 - Labeling and monitoring of seafood
Session 5 - Aquaculture and breeding
Session 6 - Arctic
Session 7 - Climate change
Session 8 - Microplastics
Session 9 - Plankton
Session 10 - Invasive species
Session 11 - Marine ecosystems - monitoring and research
Session 12 - Marine Geology and Geophysics
Session 13 - Oceanography
Session 14 - Utilization of port areas
Session 15 - Interaction between research and management
Session 16 - The cultural heritage's influence on Denmark's marine research agenda
Session 17 - Dissemination of marine research


Deadline for registration for Talks during the Marine Researcher Meeting 2021: 1 November 2020. Registration is by email to havforsker@aau.dk .

Deadline for registration for Poster-Sessions during the Marine Researcher Meeting 2021: 1 December 2020. Registration is by email to havforsker@aau.dk. When registering for Poster-Sessions, posters must be submitted in PDF format no later than 1 December 2020 to the same email.


The event is supported by the Danish National Council for Oceanology,.

Dates: 20-21 January 2021.

Location: Aalborg, Denmark.

Further Information: available here.