INTAROS at the Northern-most Science Fair in the World!


The BARC Science Fair (1-3 August 2018) was a great opportunity for Arctic scientists and local communities to come together to mutually understand the current research taking place in the Arctic and what is means for local communities and society as a whole.


Young and old participated in this community event, with a turnout of 200-300 people from Utqiaġvik in northern Alaska, including locals - entire families joined the fair! - and scientists from a wide range of institutions across the world (US, Canada, Germany, etc.).


INTAROS's Dona Zona from the University of Sheffield (USFD) discussed the importance of methane emissions during the cold period (the "zero curtain"), and also introduced the main aims of INTAROS, and why an integrative approach to science is vital to understand the complex impact of climate change on arctic ecosystems.


INTAROS's participation in the BARC Science Fair was just one of the project's community-related activities. Visit the Community section of the INTAROS website to learn more about how local knowledge can inform science. Also, see reports from INTAROS's Community-based Management Workshops in Quebec, Canada and in Fairbanks, Alaska.

06 August 2018