From the Arctic to Honolulu


INTAROS is in Hawai'i! Trading higher latitudes for Pacific island climes, INTAROS is in Honolulu, joining researchers from all over the world for the OceanObs'19 conference. 


The OceanObs'19 conference aims to galvanize the ocean observing community ranging from scientists to end users. OceanObs’19 seeks to improve response to scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose integrated ocean observing system, for better understanding the environment of the Earth, monitoring climate, and informing adaptation strategies as well as the sustainable use of ocean resources.

The key questions during OceanOb's19 are:

  • Information: how do we meet future needs?
  • Interoperability: how can we better communicate among observing systems to deliver products for users that follow usability and other best practices across the globe?
  • Innovation: how can we spur innovation in observing technologies, products, and user services?
  • Integration: how can we balance user and operator needs, capabilities, and knowledge worldwide?


INTAROS's Hanne Sagan, NERSC, is taking part in meetings about the International Quiet Ocean Experiment, which aims to towards the recognition of the ocean soundscape as a new and essential variable in ocean observation.


Hanne is also participating in a meeting about multipurpose acoustic networks and smart cables in preparation for the special session taking place on Wednesday, "Innovation in ocean observing platforms and infrastructure". Hanne will also talk at a second special session on Thursday, "Arctic Observing Systems".


Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, IOPAN, is also at the event and is part of the OceanObs19 program committee.


You can see some of INTAROS Poster contributions to OceanObs'19 below:







16 September 2019