INTAROS the movie, coming soon...


The INTAROS team is delighted to announce the release of a short Teaser for the upcoming INTAROS film. 


This is a teaser about the 17 scientists heading north of Svalbard with the Norwegian icebreaker KV Svalbard in September this year. Their goal was deploy moorings heavily equipped with instruments to measure ocean temperature, salinity, and chemical properties for 1-2 years. These measurements are important for monitoring changes in the Atlantic water flowing into the Arctic Ocean. During the cruise the scientists were carrying out light and turbulence measurements in the ocean under the ice, in open ocean, and near ice shelves. Changes in the ocean properties and processes will influence the ecosystems in this region. In this way the INTAROS project contributes with important observations from the sparsely sampled ocean North of Svalbard.


A longer, more complete movie will follow in 2019. Watch this space.


01 December 2018