Air Quality 2018

The 11th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 12-16 March 2018. The Conference continues to be the international dissemination hub of research on air quality science and its applications.


Over the years, the topic of air quality has increased its prominence as a key issue for achieving sustainable development and to reduce health impacts in all regions of the world. Scientific research has revealed the complex nature of air pollution which spans multiple scales and involves numerous physical and chemical interactions including with climate change and leads to major impacts on health and the environment globally. The conference brings together participants from the air quality, climate and health research and other stakeholder communities to discuss the latest research advances, new applications and highlight important implications for policy and users.


The conference is organised around a number of scientific topics and special sessions focussing on specific areas of emerging interest.

Special sessions:

- Air Quality in Global Megacities

- Mineral dust - focus on its impacts on air quality and health

- Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain


Conference topics include:

- Air quality, climate and impact on multiple scales
- Air quality databases, information systems
- Air quality management and policy
- Chemical and physical transformation processes
- Development and application of air quality and related models
- Emission models/inventories
- Environmental and health impact resulting from air pollution
- Environmental Meteorology
- Integrated modelling systems
- Interactions between local, regional and global scales
- Measurement of air pollutants and process studies
- Meteorological processes and climate scale interactions
- Model evaluation studies
- Parameterization schemes
- Personal exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution
- Role of aerosols in determining air quality
- Sampling techniques/instrumentation
- Source apportionment studies
- Earth observations for air quality research
- Wind tunnel/physical modelling


Date: 12-16 March 2018


Location: Barcelona, Spain


More information is available from the conference website