INTAROS helps to see under water


During the Ocean Outlook meeting held in Bergen on April 19 to 21 2017, Hanne Sagan, INTAROS Deputy Coordinator gave a presentation on how multipurpose acoustic networks deployed under ice in the Arctic will help extend the ARGO programme and also be useful in terms of underwater geo positioning, passive acoustics and acoustic thermometry  


 Multipurpose acoustic networks have already  been demonstrated in several projects in the Philippine Sea, Fram Strait and in the Beaufort Sea. Initiatives for deploying acoustic systems in the Baffin Bay and north of Svalbard have been taken. These initiatives are timely in the context of the new cluster of Arctic projects funded by EU’s research program HORIZON 2020, including INTAROS but also APPLICATE and BLUE-ACTION and programmes funded by the United States Office of Naval Research (e.g. CANAPESODA).

10 May 2017