Community-based observatories at the Arctic Science Ministerial


INTAROS, through partners at NORDECO, co-funded a side-event with the University of the Arctic and many partners at the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial in Berlin on 24 October 2018.


The purpose of the side-event was to initiate a dialogue to begin to exchange experiences and discuss how training and research institutions can contribute to increasing the number of Arctic resource managers and scientists who are able to facilitate, implement and operationalize participatory approaches to natural resource management in practice.


The side-event also launched the development of a new UArctic Thematic Network on Collaborative Natural Resource Management and Community-Based Observatories.


In fact, over 20 INTAROS partners took part in the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial meeting, overall. 


Here, you can find out more about the meeting's side events, consult the programme for this particular side event, or read the event report from the Ministerial Meeting.



22 November 2018