INTAROS 1st Stakeholder Workshop - Brussels, 5 May


The workshop was the first in a series of events under INTAROS to develop a Roadmap for building and maintaining sustainable Arctic observing systems. The objective of the workshop was to review and update the requirements for observational data in the Arctic in a range of thematic areas. Furthermore, the workshop looked at options around the development and operation of long-term observing systems. Satellite earth observation data, especially through meteorological missions and the new Copernicus programme, has secured long-term funding and is therefore relatively sustainable. However, most of the in situ data collected in the Arctic are funded by research projects with 3–4 years duration and are therefore not necessarily sustainable.


The workshop, which took place on May 5th 2017 was hosted by EuroGOOS, an INTAROS consortium member and involved 30 invited participants who were representatives from agencies, organisations, programmes and observing systems which are operating today and are expected to be drivers for sustainable systems in the future. The outcome of the workshop is delivered in a report on the status of the present observing systems in the Arctic and requirements from key stakeholder groups for maintaining sustainable observing systems in the future. You can access this report here.

10 May 2017