European Polar Science Week 2020


European Polar Science Week 2020 will take place online! The European Polar Science Week is one of the first results of increased cooperation between the European Commission (Directorate General for Research and Innovation) and the European Space Agency. It takes place from October 26-30 2020.


The overall objective of the European Polar Science Week is to bring together the European Polar science community, and reinforce European cooperation for Polar Science.


INTAROS collaborators will take part in the conference in several ways:

26th October: 

Nicole Biebow, AWI, chairs opening session, "European Cooperation in Polar Science for Global Challenges";

Verónica Wilmott, AWI, chairs session, "EU-PolarNet 2 - A Key Building Block for Reinforced Cooperation".


27th October:

Nicole Biebow, AWI, contributes to session "Highlights of EU Polar Cluster Projects"; including a contribution from Thomas Jung, AWI, on "Improving the accuracy of climate predictions in the Northern Hemisphere, Projects: APPLICATE, BLUE-Action, INTAROS".

Coordinator, Stein Sandven, NERSC, contributes to An Introduction to New Polar Cluster Projects;

Mathias Goeckede, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, contributes to session, "ESA-NASA Arctic Methane and Permafrost Challenge I".


28th October:

Finn Danielsen, NORDECO, and Peter Pulsifer, Carleton University, chair session, "Cross-weaving Citizen Observations, Local Knowledge and Scientific Research in the Arctic";
Peter Pulsifer, Carleton University, co-chairs session, "Data Interoperability and Observing Systems".


29th October
Gunnar Spreen, University of Bremen, contributes to session, "Remote Sensing to Better Assess Arctic Freshwater Fluxes Budget - Knowledge Gaps Towards Improvements."


You can consult the full agenda here, and follow the even online via the public live feed.


Stein Sandven, INTAROS Coordinator, contributes to European Polar Science Week 2020.

26 October 2020