INTAROS defines four main challenges in implementing an Integrated Arctic Observing Platform.


As part of the outcomes of the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) 2018, held in Davos, Switzerland, in June, participants have contributed to a Conference Statement focused on the "Business Case for a Pan-Arctic Observing System". This statement demonstrates the value of Arctic observations, particularly in terms of the benefit to society. Long-term observing systems are valuable contributors to decision making from local to global scales.


INTAROS contributed its input on the main challenges towards implementing an integrated in situ observing system in the Arctic. The INTAROS team identified the following four elements as the main challenges in making progress towards the desired integrated system: Organisation, Technology, Data collection and dissemination, and Funding mechanisms. The full INTAROS AOS Statement is available for consultation here


The general statement from the summit is available via the event website

22 November 2018