Greenland Community Wins the Nordic Council Environmental Award 2018


Community-based monitoring was lauded recently the Attu Natural Resources Council, Greenland, was awarded the Nordic Council Environmental Award 2018.


The Natural Resources Council was recognized for their community initiatives, particularly through the PISUNA programme, which brings together local hunters, fishermen, and other community members who contribute their observations to research of the natural environment in their region. The Council facilitates Citizen Science by involving local people in the scientific process, data collection and observation, and also incorporates indigenous knowledge in finding measures to protect the environment. 


The Award recognized the outstanding work of the community in bringing about cooperation and mutual action among citizens, scientists and local authorities in the Arctic. Working closely together they have managed to achieve the great results in documenting the status of the local environment and proposing mutual management approaches, for the benefit of nature and living resources. The award will be used to continue the Natural Resources Council in Attu's important work.


INTAROS participates in the PISUNA programme, among others, facilitating their Community-based monitoring. You can find out more here. You can also find out more about the initiatives in Attu, Greenland, here.


20 November 2018