Contributing to an Essential and Unique Ocean Observing Network


INTAROS recently joined with ocean researchers and specialists from all over the world for the 6th Euro-Argo Users Meeting, 4-5 July 2017.


Argo is the first global, in-situ ocean observing network in the history of oceanography, providing an essential complement to satellite systems. It is now the major, and only systematic, source of information and data over the ocean’s interior. It is an indispensable component of the Global Ocean Observing System required to understand and monitor the role of the ocean in the Earth’s climate system.


INTAROS participated in the recent 6th Users Meeting organised by the European group, Euro-Argo, and held in in Paris, France. Hanne Sagen, NERSC, presented on the "Integrated Arctic Observation System (INTAROS) and the need for multipurpose acoustic networks.


The purpose of the meeting was to bring together the users of Argo data and other complementary observations for operational oceanography,  studies of the circulation, physical and biogeochemical properties of the oceans. The meeting also aimed to stimulate research using Argo data, especially in combination with other data types and models. The meeting was an opportunity to widen the experience of the Euro-Argo community, welcoming young scientists and encouraging broader use of Argo data. The meeting also provided a forum for discussion on the evolution of Argo in European and global contexts.  


Argo floats will contribute to the INTAROS project, particularly in tasks relating to the enhancement of multidisciplinary in situ observing systems as well as data integration and management.


More information on Argo and Euro-Argo can be found on their dedicated websites. The full programme from the6th Euro-Argo Users Meeting is available online.

6 July 2017