Setting Sail for Young Sound, NE Greenland


INTAROS researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, set off again today for a field mission in Young Sound, NE Greenland. Throughout the first three weeks of August the team will study the impacts of the melting ice sheet on coastal ecosystem dynamics.


During the mission, INTAROS-funded instruments that have been deployed and measuring since last year will be recovered. 


Finally, in collaboration with the Danish Navy the mission will be testing how navy ships can be used to extend and improve the monitoring system in Greenland.


This research is part of the ongoing Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring programme, an integrated monitoring and long-term research programme on ecosystems and climate change effects and feedbacks in the Arctic. Since 1995 the programme has established a coherent and integrated understanding of the functioning of ecosystems in a highly variable climate, which is based upon a comprehensive, long-term inter-disciplinary data collection carried out by Danish and Greenlandic monitoring and research institutions. 


For more news about the INTAROS Summer Fieldwork Season 2019, stay tuned to our website and social media.

You can check out all the observing sites assessed by INTAROS in this interactive map.


01 August 2019