Recent News

Chinese expedition launches unmanned probes in the high Arctic. 01 October 2018
INTAROS at the Northern-most Science Fair in the World! 06 August 2018
Raspberry Shakes and Earthquakes: Community-based Science in Action 06 August 2018
Finding out if the Earth moves under the Arctic ice 03 August 2018
Discovering how ocean acidification affects life on the Arctic seafloor 03 August 2018
Contribute to EDU-ARCTIC webinars for students 11 July 2018
AGU Special Session: Assessment, Enhancement and Integration of Arctic Observing Systems 03 July 2018
INTAROS in an Airborne Mission to Measure Greenhouse Gases in the Arctic 03 July 2018
Arctic Ocean 2018 Cruise 01 July 2018
Research cruise to East Greenland with Lauge Koch 28 June 2018
Measuring indicators of climate change in the Arctic 29 July 2018
First INTAROS Deployment of Oceanographic, Acoustic and Seismological Instruments 25 July 2018
INTAROS CBM Workshop, Quebec - Report now available! 26 May 2018
4th Steering Committee Meeting Takes Place in Lisbon 03 May 2018
INTAROS-Blue Action Workshop in Beijing 02 May 2018
INTAROS Questionnaire Goes Live 16 April 2018
INTAROS' Coordinator, Stein Sandven, takes a look back at Year 1 19 February 2018
Visit INTAROS field site Ambarchik 26 January 2018
INTAROS Consortium Meets for 2018 General Assembly 05 January 2018
Report from Community Based Monitoring Workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska 17 November 2017
Workshop: Developing Arctic Observing Systems 09 November 2017
INTAROS at Arctic Circle 2017 15 October 2017
Terrestrial research presented at iLEAPS conference 14 September 2017
INTAROS Scientist to be a lead author of IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate 24 August 2017
INTAROS 2017 Summer Season Fieldwork is Underway 24 July 2017
INTAROS Ushering in a New Era of Blue Enlightenment 10 July 2017
Contributing to an Essential and Unique Ocean Observing Network 6 July 2017
Key outputs from the first six months of INTAROS 1 July 2017
Operational Oceanography Conference 16 June 2017
INTAROS to lead a session at iLEAPS Science Conference 10 June 2017
Stakeholders meet to discuss Arctic observational requirements 10 May 2017
New study reveals how climate change will overturn nature 8 May 2017
Changes in Arctic marine biodiversity indicate environment on verge of major shift 12 May 2017
INTAROS helps to see under water 10 May 2017
INTAROS 1st Stakeholder Workshop - Brussels, 5 May 10 May 2017
Over 110 polar scientists kick-off INTAROS project 15 January 2017

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